Thats me

Hello there I’m Teal. Not the colour. Not the duck. It’s me. One of my hobbies is cooking. I love cooking and opening my taste buds to new flavours. I adore cooking for my family. They thank me and my Dad for it. I enjoy feeling appreciated it makes me feel happy like my dog does.

My favourite meal is lentil dal. I know the recipe by heart and I often eat it for breakfast sometimes. Cooking dal is my favourite because I get to be head chef. The first meal I ever cooked was dal and that’s what told me that I love cooking and trying new foods whether their from India , Mexico  , Canada , America , China , Australia the list goes on .

My favourite show is Masterchef Junior it is all the best kids having a competition and Gordon Ramsay is running it and judging it the only thing I don’t like is its all meat and dairy that they cook.

Well that’s a small piece of my mind I’m a dal lover cooking lover and a dog lover.    

Glug & splodge

When I write my posts I will probably use language like ‘glug’ and ‘splodge’. Glug meaning around 3 big tablespoons of oil. Splodge meaning a big dollop of hummus or another ingredient. I usually don’t measure my spices and other ingredients I prefer to go with the flow. When I’m cooking I might also dollop or splash meaning dollop a big handful and splash a big drizzle of the ingredient.

I don’t tend to follow recipes I make up my own recipes. Next post I’ll show you how to make the perfect dal that will make your friends and family love you ten times more than they already do.